The Age of Real Superheroes is coming

Every child wants superpowers

In our childhood most of us have fanticized about having superpowers. When we were child we all wanted to fly, to jump from high buildings without any injuries, to use those cool gadgets we saw in Ben10 and other really really cool scifi shows.

Over time the reality sank in

Sooner or later each one of use, as we grew we came to realization that super powers and heros are just fiction movie stuffs, they are not real and won’t be.

Is the reality we accept real?

The reality that we accept, is it really real? I mean there are people who have been to moon, our satellites have reached beyond solar system, we are building advanced AI systems, we have really really advanced weapons system, sensor systems, strong materials, advanced electronics. Like, we have almost everythong to build a superhero’s arsenal. Why do we still think that superhero stuff can’t be real. Why do we believe so? Whenever i say “I have to become superhero”, normal people start laughing, i actually understand why they laugh. Well we have never really seen someone flying around, no super girl stuff, no iron man, no hulk smashing stuffs, not even spider man. At least we should have a real Spider Person.

When i found Iron Man the first time!

Well all the credit goes to Iron Man. Thats the superhero i respect the most. All the inspiration behind all the tech and science and fiction and superhero stuffs that i will do in my life, all of it sparked that day, that moment, the first time Iron Man came out of that cave. Thanks Marvels. Thanks for inspiring a generation of humans, we will take us to Type 0 civilization.

Its ours turn to create the future of our civilization.

Fiction is just a creation of human imagination.

We have seen superheroes only in movies, but the time is coming when real heroes with real superpowers will arise and so will super villains.

Wouldn’t you love to live in a future like that?