How to start a business from scratch?

Every great business starts with drive and passion.

Six steps to start a business from zero

1. Research your market

You should know deeply what the competition knows and thinks and feels. Dive in to your market and study it like an expert. Search google for keywords that are related to your industry. When you find the keywords flooded with websites, that means it works. There is money there.

2. Set tangible goals

Work backwords and figure out what you need to do each day to get to where you dream to be in the future when your business or startup is successful. Feel your success Here and Now. Set a goal that is a atretch for you and look at the steps you need to take everyday to accomplish that goal.

3. Launch a product or service you can sell

If you have a financial goal that you’ve set out for the next six months, then you have to sell something. Take the time to figure out the biggest challenges your audience is facing and build your relationship with them. Then create something that solves their problem. I know this is easier said than done, but it’s critical. Your leads come from your list, you convert them to customers, follow up and build a relationship.

4. Start now and improve as you go

A lot of people waste time thinking about making things perfect before they launch their business. The logo, the website, the copy – everything. This is a waste of time. Sell your product before you make it by offering a pre-order. Focus on getting sales and attracting leads. Successful companies launch all the time and they aren’t perfect.

Think of Facebook and all the changes and improvements it has made. Start with a small product and always be improving. Launch online you can sell over and over and not have to trade time for dollars.

5. Create a great website whose content is shareable

It’s great to reference some the leaders in your space, but when you are developing your own brand, it’s important to create unique content on a single hub. A site that your readers and viewers can reference back to, for more of your incredible content. Maybe you can use wordpress or wix to get templates.