How to go from 0 to billionaire?

Well as far as i have found there are certain steps or you can say jumps.

1. Somehow go from 0 to where you have certain money.

I believe noone starts from zero, they have almost nothing to began with but the resources they have can be used to generate some wealth. Like if you have a computer, you can write blogs, learn programming, do freelancing, build some websites and apps and sell them. Find people who need what you have and give your service to them in exchange for money. Save all the money possible. Like if you really want to be rich, at this stage get money from where ever you can. Learn from youtube videos about entrepreneurship. Learn and use your knowledge to earn money. Now its you job to figure out what and when to learn and how to use it. That what you have got a brain for.

Once you have enough money, so that you can work on your business plans move to step 2. Don’t end the step 1 hare. Work on your business idea and also do the side stuffs that will make you money.

2. Use the money to build small business.

While building your own business for first time you will learn lots of new and useful stuffs, you will make many useful connections with all kinds of people and you will also make money. Save all of it the money, the people and the skills. They will prove to be pillars for your later stages. If you work on your business and it is successful, now you are getting enough money to survive. Now arising from this stage is again in your hands and brain.

3. Start a big scalable business that has potential to transform the world.

Now use all the resources you have got to work on really big scalable businesses like the Amazon, Facebook, Google and lots of others that we keep on listening every day.

As your business will grow you will move to millionaire status and over time you will be multimillionaire.

4. Work on solving problems that are so difficult that nobody else could even think about.

Now its time to work on really hard and useful stuffs. Like Elon Musk is building Tesla and SpaceX, that kind of hard. Because now you have the money and power to pursue unrealistic & unimaginable goals, so this is the time to go for them. They will easily lift you to billionaire and world leader status if done successfully.