How 5G will change the world?

In our time we have experienced 2G, 3G and now 4G. With every successive generation, internet becomes much more reliable and faster. Now there is hype about fifth-generation connectivity or 5G internet. After all these years 5G is slowly coming to reality. This technology isn’t just going to change our lives, this is going to transform the entire human civilization. 5G has the potential to change everything. You should really get excited about this 5G thing.

So what is 5G?

Well the ultra simplistic way to think about 5G is just an upgradation from 4G, but its quite a lot more than that. 5G will make networks more reliable and much more faster. 5G networks isn’t going to replace 4G, they’ll actually work side by side. 5G is fifth generation internet.

But why should I care about 5G?

Well we should care because 5G is just about to transform a lot of industries and that will impact all of us in a good way.

Well, here are the top ways 5G will change our civilization forever:

IoT - Internet of Things

IoT is real, its already here among us. Simply said, the things that are connected to internet are called internet of things. Like smart watch and shoes with various sensors. With faster connectivity of 5G, more IoT devices will be available in our daily lives. 5G tech will enable companies to build products that can process data in realtime over internet much faster than currently possible. Improvements in IoT will make smart cities a reality. Reliable and low-latency network means traffic lights, fire sensors, camers all can be reliably connect over internet across cities, making the entire infrastructure smart and secure.

Faster Gaming

Everyday with release of high quality real world like games, more and more people are spending time to play more games. The gaming industry is already big, and with the release of various Cloud gaming platforms, it is inevitable that the future will be bright for cloud gaming. With 5G, cloud gaming and game streaming will be much easier. 5G will bring more joy to the mobile game players due to faster response time, thanks to low latency.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR are already here you might think. But honestly they kind of suck, lets be real. To make something like augmented reality really great it takes a massive amount of data points and extremely low latency for your connections. So this is something thats tailor made for 5G. AR is the future. Imagine watching movies, serials and rocket launches in Virtual or Augmented Reality in your living room. How would you feel while playing some completely immersive VR game? With 5G and faster data transfers, users can experience content in their homes and feel like they are there in real.

Self Driving Cars

Driverless cars are here. You hear of Tesla? If not go and search, where were you?

Companies like Uber, Tesla, Google, and now most probably Apple are investing in making the future of cars comfortable and driverless. Tesla has even pilot mode, which lets you give control to the Tesla car models and is improving day-by-day. Other companies are still testing it and are under continuous research and testing.

With 5G networks, ultra-low latencies will make it easy for cars to communicate with other cars. In order to avoid accidents, 5G will be a useful part. 5G networks will help in faster transfers. With these high-speed connections, sensors in cars can communicate with other cars around and become fully autonomous.

This will eradicate about 99% of read accidents. And in the coming future you will not be allowed to drive car yourself as that will pose a threat to a completely reliable and secure transport system thats secure and autonomous.


With 5G, trips to your doctor may limit to house checkups. You will be able to talk to your doctor using internet. With HD calls, your doctors will be able to check your most health issues and recommend accordingly from home. They can check your vitals and other health-related details using the medical devices and wearables.

Remote surgery could mean that more people have access to the best doctors. But for that to be a reliable and widespread possibility again it requires massive amount of data being shared with ultra low latency. 5G will make that a possibility.

What about a 5G enabled smart farm?

A 5G enabled smart farm could be automated to the point that its able to produce even more food than whats currently thought possible.

Welcome to the age of Ultra High Definition live streaming

The age of streaming has finally come. With 5G, streaming will become more high-quality and can also mean that higher than 4K is coming to us. Since 5G is faster than 4G, it means it can stream better without lagging, which ultimately ends up in a better visual experience.