Configuring mpv player - no border, loop and saving position on quit

mpv is one of the best video players on Linux. Its available on Windows and Mac also. Lets find out how we can configure this awesome video player:

There are two different methods:

Command line (set everytime you use)

No border

$ mpv --no-border video.mp4

Video loop

$ mpv --loop video.mp4

Edit config file (set once and for all)

Using your preferred text editor (like vim), open the file /home/$USER/.config/mpv/mpv.conf. If this file does not exists, create it.

Add following code to the file mpv.conf

loop=yes #Playing video will loop
border=no #Remove border
save-position-on-quit=yes #Save last position of playing video

Save the file, close it, and restart mpv player. Now it should be as you wanted. Enjoy!