Building our imagination in real world

The Idea

In our imagination we can create anything. We can build, rebuild, destroy any number of times. But is the real world we have always been limited. In the real world we lack the freedom to create anything we imagine. What if we can actually create the real world from scratch using just our mind? Will it be an exciting world? The world where anyone can build their dream world! Here we will build the tech that will allow us to do just that.

Building Reality: Step by Step

In the world of our imagination, there are many objects, living beings(trees, animals, humans, plants), roads, buildings, wind, water, machines, etc. Tech to create all of this can’t be build in one step. We propose that first step will be to build the infrastructure part (Buildings, roads, terrains, etc). Now complete buildings, roads, are very complex. So first step is to be able to build simple shapes like cuboid.

How to build simple structures with mind?

Suppose, if there are some small blocks( maybe nanobots) that we can control from mind, and they can join together to build simple shapes (cuboid, pyramid, plane). For now we can build big blocks (few mm), that will self arrange into shapes when instructed by some machine.

Parts of block architecture

  • Block can assume properties of any material. (Strength, lustre, etc)
  • Control blocks with mind.
  • What will be the Structure and machinery of blocks?
  • Different types of connection leads to different levels of flexibility and strength.
  • Material of blocks?

Goal 1

There are 5 blocks. We build a simple structure in computer. There is some device that sends some EM signal to the blocks following some protocol. Upon receiving the signal, the blocks join together in the shape that we have build in our computer model.

Further goals

  • Reduce size of block.
  • Impoving connections between blocks.
  • Work on controlling blocks through mind
  • Improving security of software, so that only authorised person or machine can control the block.

Blocks as universal material

No need to build different material for house, bridge, car, mat, chair, wire, etc. Over time blocks will become robust enough, they will be capable of assuming properties of any material and build anything.

Can be used in construction of large scale structures in space without any 3D printers and human assistance. Machines will mine asteroids, produce blocks, blocks will join to build structures.

Like there is soil everywhere, what if there are these blocks everywhere and we can build anything with our minds.

This will make many 3D printers obsolete

Easily Terraform Planets

We can send machines to other planets, deserts, etc, that will consume the resources available there and produce these blocks. We can then simple send instructions from here, and fully developed cities will be build for us in few days. Or we can simple go there and build whatever we imagine.

Sources of inspiration

Nanobots, nanotech, Iron man suit in infinity war, MIT self joining bots, Neuralink, Exotic and special materials,